INTEX EXPRESS, The Air Cargo Transportation company, business services, and logistics company.

Rahmoun is responsible for providing strategic direction for all INTEX EXPRESS operating companies, including INTEX EXPRESS services in more than 200 countries and territories with operations that included 2 Freighters aircraft. More than 50 team members in worldwide handle shipments each day. Since the founding of INTEX EXPRESS in the year 2004, Mr. Rahmoun has been an active member of Aviation societies and carried out many agreements for aviation around the world. Most recently, he Launched the air cargo business in UAE, Malaysia, Germany, Turkey, and the USA.

INTEX EXPRESS has continued to strengthen its industry leadership over the past years and has been widely acknowledged for its commitment to total quality service. INTEX EXPRESS was the first service company to charter freighters flights to JUBA (South Sudan) and now operating to several destinations worldwide. INTEX EXPRESS has consistently been ranked on the regional one as one of the most potential companies in the field of Air cargo transportation business.

Rahmoun is an active member of the Malaysian – Egyptian businessmen association in Egypt, a Trustee member of (BEBA)British Egyptian Businessmen Association, and recently a core part of the German Chamber of Commerce. (GCC). He served the Industry sector through via a privileged economic decision.

Born in 1980 in Syria attended AUC in Cairo, where he earned a B.A.
Revised AUG. 27th., 2014